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jill gildersleve

The Mingling & Fun Loving Warrior

About Me

Fun is my bottom line! Whether as an employment professional, a speaker, or in my personal relationships, I seek to bring a sense of fun and adventure to whatever I do.

I really value diversity, it’s hugely important to me. Both my parents identified as Feminists/Humanists, and they believed in and supported everyone they met. Their spirit has informed my commitment to inclusion, and I’m proud to work with a diverse range of clients in my workshops and in one-to-one situations.

Connecting with people from communities across Metro Vancouver has been one of life’s great joys, and the chance to serve these communities on a deeper level has also inspired this newest venture.

Please email any questions re the Be Cool workshops. Or if your business or organization, including non-profit and government, would like to discuss having me create a customized workshop for your staff or clients. Contact me directly at jillgildersleve@aminglingwarrior.com

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A Special Calling

During my years as an employment counsellor I’ve worked with many people who struggled to find and maintain work. And through my professional and own-life experiences it’s clear to me that everyday communication is a challenge for some of us.

While many take their communication skills for granted, people who have trouble with it feel the results in all aspects of their lives. They may struggle at work, or to make and maintain personal relationships. It can even lead to serious personal and mental health issues.

I identify as having moderate Asperger’s which is a fairly common, with more information being available as time passes.. When I was very young I noticed that I thought and spoke differently from others. I found myself offending family members without knowing how I was doing it. On more than one occasion, things got quite combative.

I quickly realized that my quality of life would suffer permanently if I didn’t learn how to think and speak in ways that didn’t offend or alienate others. I started teaching myself to modify my thoughts and what I said in conversations, to communicate more effectively.

This work has made such difference in my life, I started sharing the strategies with others. including clients, and It worked for them too!

So now, because I love new adventures, I’ve decided to combine my employment/self-employment skills and what I know about communication, and share everything in a fun, expressive workshop setting.


My History

  • I have 40+ years providing employment counselling to clients with barriers to employment including people on the Autism spectrum, immigrants/new Canadians, Indigenous peoples, youth, older workers, and the GLBTTQ community

  • I’ve personally owned a wide variety of businesses (since age 9), and have assisted many clients with the creation of their own businesses

  • I’m people centred, compassionate, creative, innovative, full of energy, and extremely passionate about what I do

  • I’m confident assessing a client’s physical, emotional and psychological needs and connecting them, if needed, to community and government resources

  • I’ve many times helped clients successfully market themselves to suitable businesses, non-profits, and government agencies

  • I have strong ties to employment centres, employers, and disability groups through Metro Vancouver

  • I have expert-level knowledge of applications for government funded skills training and self-employment programs

  • I have knowledge & application experience in:

    • Disability Management and Workplace Accommodations

    • Adaptive Equipment for Persons with Disabilities

    • Career Decision Making for Clients with Brain Injuries

    • Self-Employment Strategies for Clients With Disabilities

    • Attention Deficit Disorder & Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

    • Managing Hostile Interactions & Non-Violent Intervention

  • I’m currently writing two books: a manual for people with Autism/Aspergers’s to live more authentically, and an adventurous autobiography

certified career development practitioner

featured speaker, BC labour market conference

former mentor for professional immigrant clients

registered rehabilitation professional


Jill is able to build a professional relationship quickly as clients can quickly appreciate the wealth of knowledge she possesses. She also has a wonderful ability to see the root cause of a challenging situation and to assist clients to work towards overcoming those obstacles in a caring and compassionate way.

/  nancy johnson, RDK Career services  /


Jill's particular strengths are her organizational efficiency, sense of method, and her ability to motivate others. She is a particularly creative problem solver. She also displays a genuine concern for maintaining a harmonious atmosphere around her which tends to make people feel good about working with her. Jill is a woman of strong, ethical principles; her honesty and integrity makes her a woman of substance.

/  R. scott, provincial government social worker /


Jill, you have an outstanding sense of humour, limitless ideas, and boundless energy. Your presence has been a sheer pleasure.

/  vicki austad, new westminster community development /