A Mingling Warrior

Be Cool

Learn how to be A Mingling Warrior - the most confident, stylish, and cool version of YOU possible!


personal style, professional communication - it’s all cool!

Be Cool is an exciting, interactive workshop that helps you build personal style and professional communication skills.

You’ll learn practical and unusual ways to look at personal style and communicating in personal and employment situations. You’ll also discover how to cultivate a more flexible mindset when dealing with life’s changes and challenges.

If you sometimes struggle with personal and professional interactions, being positively assertive, or feeling marginalized, then Be Cool is the workshop for you!

Everyone who comes to Be Cool is encouraged to explore, express, and engage with the workshop material and fellow participants in their own personal way.

It’s all about fun, laughter, and expressing yourself. If you’re cool with that, we’re cool with it too!


Be Communicative

clarity, compassion, and cool

In Be Cool, you will learn unique communication techniques for all areas of your life.

We’ll dive into Personal Communication styles, as well as Employment and Self-Employment communication techniques, to help you build effective strategies so you can grow and maintain relationships with the people most important to you.

Each communication style is taught by Jill, then developed and anchored through interactive group sessions and results assessments.

Everything is presented in a fun, non-judgemental way, and in an encouraging environment.


Be Stylish

because it’s more than words

Isn’t it funny how looking fabulous helps you feel fabulous? When your style is aligned with who you really are, confidence grows and you communicate better with everyone.

That’s why Be Cool dedicates time for you to explore this important aspect of non-verbal communication: your personal style.

Jill will discuss unique ways to enhance your dress, movement, and actions. And then you’ll have access to a Personal Stylist to discuss what you’ve learned!

Participants are invited to bring an item of clothing or jewellery to be styled, if they like.

Be Fun

Food, beverage tastings, and more!

Be Cool is also a wonderful opportunity to eat, drink, and network with your fellow workshop participants.

We’ll provide a great lunch, and an afternoon beverage tasting, with the help of local restaurants and businesses. We do our best to accommodate all dietary requests so please mention your specific needs when you register.

We’ll have swag bags for each attendee, and we’ll draw for door prizes at the end of the event.

As you can see, it’s a totally COOL experience!

Charred Corn Salad with Creamy Lime Dressing

Immediately following her latest workshop, a number of participants stopped on their way out to stress that Jill’s workshop was one of the most useful events they had ever attended.

/  vancouver public library community workshops  /


I attended a four week program that Jill facilitated, when I first came to Canada many years ago, and felt both supported and encouraged by the information she shared. I worked with her again more recently, and she continued to be as supportive and encouraging as when I first attended her workshops.

/  sp, former client /


Jill’s contribution to our success, and the benefits to clients she has assisted to facilitate, is remarkable.

/  jennifer lee, IAM Cares society /